Spectral theory of Hankel operators and related topics

Research workshop at King's College London

2-3 November 2017

Supported by EPSRC


Rooms and schedule

Thursday 2 November: room K3.11 (King's College, King's Building)
Friday 3 November: room S3.30 (King's College, Strand Building)




There is no conference fee, attendance is free, everyone is welcome.
Please fill in the following simple registration form
The form asks you to indicate whether you will be participating at the conference dinner.
The dinner will take place on 2 November at 19:15 at Tas, The Cut (Turkish/Mediterranean).
The expected cost is about £30 per person, and it will be partly subsidised.

Alexander Pushnitski alexander.pushnitski@kcl.ac.uk
Emilio Fedele emilio.fedele@kcl.ac.uk