Analysis/Probability Seminar

The joint Analysis/Probability seminar is alternately held in one of the following colleges: Imperial College, King's College (London) ,Queen Mary and Westfield College, and University College.

The seminar meets during a term on Thursdays from 3:00pm-5:30pm. All are welcome to attend the meetings.

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Autumn Term Program, 2001

The seminar’s talks and some other analysis/probability related activities are listed below.


4:30: Alexander Koshelev (St.Petersburg): Regularity of solutions for some non-linear problems of mathematical physics


*pm: Nikolai Leonenko (Cardiff): Dynamic models of long-memory processes and their applications in finance and macroeconomics



4:30:  Brian Davies (King’s College): Spectral theory of non-self-adjoint differential systems


4pm: Grigory Rozenblum (Göteborg): Semigroup Domination and Eigenvalue Estimates


4:30:  Yakar Kannai (Weizmann Institute): The method of ascent and ${\rm cos}(\sqrt{A\sp 2+B\sp 2})$. Abstract


4:30: David Kribs (Iowa/Lancaster): Isometries with orthogonal ranges. Abstract


·        Thursday, November 29, 3:00-5:30. King’s College, Math., room 521, analysis
3pm: Andrey A. Shkalikov: On a model for the Orr-Sommerfeld problem: "Spectral tie" phenomenon

and quasi-classical eigenvalue distribution formulas. Abstract

4:30: Gennady Laptev (Steklov Inst., Moscow):

A priory estimates and nonexistence of solutions of partial differential equations. Abstract


On the structure of spectrum of Lame operator in wedge-like domains. Abstract

4:30: Werner Hoffmann (Durham): On the trace formula for functions of noncompact support. Abstract


·        Thursday, December 13, 3:00-5:30. King’s College, Math., room 521, analysis

3pm: Victor Buchstaber (Moscow): Algebraic varieties of solutions of two dimensional second order diffential equations

4:30:  Vitali Liskevich (Bristol): On positive solutions to semilinear inequalities in unbounded domains


Old 2001 Summer Term Program

Old 2001 Spring Term Program



London Underground map.
Getting to Imperial College. Do not get the tunnel to Exhibition Road; the maths department is in the Huxley Building, 180 Queen's Gate, opposite Queen's Gate Terrace.                      
Getting to King's College.
Getting to QMW. From Stepney Green tube go left along Mile End Road for about 200 metres. From Mile End tube go west along Mile End Road for about 300 metres.
Getting to UCL.  The nearest tube station is `Euston square', but `Warren Street' and `Euston' are also quite close to the college.


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