Analysis/Probability Seminar

The joint Analysis/Probability seminar is alternately held in one of the following colleges: Imperial College, King's College (London) ,Queen Mary and Westfield College, and University College.

The seminar meets during a term on Thursdays from 3:00pm-5:30pm. All are welcome to attend the meetings.

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Summer Term Program, 2002


3pm: Qi. S. Zhang (California Riverside): The boundary behaviour of Dirichlet heat kernels and applications.

4:30pm: Hubert Kalf (University of Munich): Strong unique continuation property for the Dirac operator.


3pm: David Edmunds (Sussex): Entropy and some of its applications.

4:30: Ilya Spitkovsky (Williamsburg): Spectral theory of Toeplitz operators and factorization of almost periodic matrix functions.


3pm: Romain Murunzi (Minister of Education of Rwanda): Spatio-temporal continuous wavelet appications to target tracking.

4:30: Terry Lyons (Oxford): The signature of a random control.


3pm: James Rovnyak (University of Virginia): Some inverse problems for canonical differential and difference equations. Abstract

4:30: Valery Smyshlyaev (Bath): Waves localisation in high contrast rapidly oscillating periodic media and convergence of Bloch spectra.


3pm: Jin Liang (Hefei, China): Evolution equations with dynamic boundary conditions.

4:30: Eugene Shargorodsky (Sussex): Variational theory of Stokes waves.


*pm: Sergey Naboko : Spectral analysis of infinite Jacobi matrices with periodically modulated entries.

Spectral phase transition examples in a class of unbounded Jacobi matrices.



Spring Term Program, 2002

The seminar’s talks and some other analysis/probability related activities are listed below.


3pm: Vladimir Borovikov (Moscow&Mexico): Singularities of the Green function for non-strictly hyperbolic non-homogeneous operators

4:30: Yuri Safarov (King’s College London): Jensen’s inequality


3pm: Terry Wall (Liverpool): Openness of multitransversality

4:30: Kostya Khanin (Heriot-Watt, Newton Inst): Circle mappings and rigidity


3pm: W. Des Evans (Cardiff): On the zero modes of Pauli and Dirac operators

4:30: Sandra Pott (York): Hankel operators and paraproducts on the bidisk


3pm:  Nick Wright (Penn State University): The $C_0$ coarse index and scalar curvature

4:30:  Peter Topping (Warwick): What is reverse bubbling? Abstract


3pm:  Oscar Bandtlow (Queen Mary College): Resolvent growth and spectral variation for a class of non-selfadjoint operators

4:30:  Nikolaos Bournaveas (Edinburgh): Low regularity solutions of the Dirac-Klein-Gordon equations


3pm: Mark Kelbert (Swansea): Recurrence and transience of branching diffusion processes on Riemannian manifolds

4:30:  Jeroen Lamb (Imperial College): Normal form theory for linear reversible equivariant vector fields. Abstract


Old 2001 Autumn Term Program

Old 2001 Summer Term Program

Old 2001 Spring Term Program


Maps and Instructions

London Underground map.
Getting to Imperial College. (do not go in the tunnel if you travel to South Kensington tube station.)

The simplest way to get here:

Travel to the tube station Gloucester Road  (District, Circle, and Piccadilly Lines).

When you exit the station, turn left along Gloucester Road, crossing Cromwell Road 50 meters from the exit.

After 4-5 minutes walk along Gloucester Road, turn right to Queen's Gate Terrace.

This is a short road leading directly to the entrance of the Huxley Building, at 180 Queen's Gate. We are on floor 6.
Getting to King's College.
Getting to QMW. From Stepney Green tube go left along Mile End Road for about 200 metres.

From Mile End tube go west along Mile End Road for about 300 metres.
Getting to UCL.  The nearest tube station is `Euston square', but `Warren Street' and `Euston' are also quite close to the college.


Seminar links

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