London Analysis and Probabilty seminar

Past seminars Autumn 2007


*Extra Seminar* Friday, 10 August at UCL (Math, room 500)

4:00 pm : S. Naboko (St Petersburg - Birmingham Alabama) : Wigner-von-Neumann perturbations of a periodic potential: spectral singularities in bands.(LP)

*Extra Seminar* Thursday, 22 November at UCL (Math, room 500)

3:00 pm : John Baez (UC Riverside) : 2-Hilbert Spaces. (LP)

Thursday, 11 October at King's College (Math, room 521)

3:00 pm : Marko Lindner (Reading): Fredholm properties of band-dominated operators. (ES)

4:30 pm : Rod Halburd (UCL): Difference operators acting on meromorphic functions, with applications to Painleve difference equations (abstract). (SP)

Thursday, 25 October at King's College (Math, room 521)

3:00 pm : Igor Verbitsky ( Birmingham ):  Form boundedness and global Green's function estimates. (ES)

4:30 pm : John Ball ( Oxford ): Orientability of director fields for liquid crystals (abstract). ( AL )

Thursday, 8 November at King's College (Math, room 521)

3:00 pm : Alex Strohmaier (Loughborough): Spectral theory and ergodic decompositions on Kaehler manifolds (abstract). (SP) 

4:30 pm : Sara Maad ( Stockholm ): Persistence of embedded eigenvalues (abstract). ( AL )

Thursday, 15 November at King's College (Math, room 521)

3:00 pm : Nadia Sidorova (UCL) : A two cities theorem for the parabolic Anderson problem (LP)

4:30 pm : Roman Romanov (St Petersburg):  What is the absolutely continuous subspace of a non-self-adjoint operator? (YS)

Thursday, 22 November at King's College (Math, room 521)

3:00 pm : Jonathan Partington (Leeds) : Harmonic functions and approximation in Hardy spaces in 2 and 3 real dimensions. (ES)

4:30 pm : Niels Laustsen (Lancaster) : Closed ideals in the Banach algebra of bounded operators on a Banach space. (SP)

Thursday, 29 November at Imperial College (Math, room 139)

4:00 pm : Volker Bach (Mainz) : Mathematical Theory of (Nonrelativistic) Matter and Light (abstract). (BZ)

5.30 pm : Feng-Yu Wang (Beijing Normal University and WIMCS Swansea) : Coupling method for Harnack inequalities and applications (abstract). (BZ)

Thursday, 6 December at King's College (Math, room 521)

3.00pm : Nikolai Filonov (St. Petersburg and King's College London): Weyl asymptotics of the spectrum of the Maxwell operator on Lipschitz manifold with boundary (SP)

4.30pm : Valery Smyshlyaev (Bath) : Periodic and perturbed periodic spectral problems via "non-classical" homogenisation and applications (abstract) (SP)