London Analysis and Probability Seminar

The joint London Analysis/Probability seminar is alternately held in one of the following colleges: Imperial College, King's College (London) ,Queen Mary and Westfield College, and University College.

The seminar meets during a term on Thursdays from 3:00pm-5:30pm. Please click on the links below for details of how to get to the institutions.  All are welcome to attend the meetings.




Spring Term Program, 2008


   3pm room 340: Cedric Villani (Lyon): Hypocoercivity (BZ)

   4.30 room 341: Alexander Its (Brunel & Imperial; on leave from Purdue): Hankel determinant and orthogonal polynomials for the Gaussian weight with a jump. (abstract) (ES)

   3pm room 340: S.Power (Lancaster): Manifolds of Hilbert space projections (abstract) (SP)

   4.30 room 341: Thanasis Fokas (Cambridge): Spectral Analysis - Medical Imaging - Integrability in 4+2 and 3+1 (ES)

   3pm room 340: Jiangang Ying (Fudan University): Feynman-Kac formula and related problems (BZ)

   4.30 room 341: Alexander Sobolev (UCL): Discrete spectrum distribution for the perturbed Landau operator (SP)

   3pm room 340: Y. Kondratiev (Reading) : TBA (BZ)

   4.30 room 341: Thomas Østergaard-Sørensen (Aalborg, Denmark): Analytic structure of Coulombic wave functions (AL)

   3pm room 340: Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof (Vienna): Spectral Minimal Partitions (AL)

   4.30 room 341: Frederic Klopp (Paris-13) : The bottom of the spectrum and Lifshitz tails for non-monotonous alloy type models (a random walk in an environment with traps that are neither attractive nor repulsive) abstract (SP)

   3pm room 340: Alexander Borichev (Marseille): Uniqueness theorems for (sub)harmonic functions (SP)

   4.30 room 341: Michael Levitin (Cardiff): Fourier transform, null variety, and Laplacian's eigenvalues (LP)

   3pm: Nikolay Saveliev (Miami): Dirac operators on manifolds with periodic ends (LP)

   4.30: Yuri Netrusov (Bristol): Estimates of entropy numbers of Sobolev weighted embeddings (LP)

   3pm: Dimitri Yafaev (Rennes-1): On spectral properties of translationally invariant magnetic Schrödinger operators (AS)

   4.30: Sergej Plaksa (Kiev): Riemann boundary-value problems (rapidly oscillating coefficients, infinite index) on rectifiable curves and singular integral equations in incomplete spaces (ES)

   3pm: Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann Institute): Can one count the shape of the drum? (AS)

   4.30: Steve Buckley: Uniform domains and capacity abstract (BZ)

   3pm: Yulia Karpeshina (Birmingham Alabama): KAM method and spectral study of the limit-periodic Schrödinger Operator (LP)

   4.30: Gunter Stolz (Birmingham Alabama): Schrödinger operators with pseudo-random potentials (LP)

   3pm: Alexander Veselov (Loughborough): Integrable spectral problems (LP)

   4.30: David Fisher (Indiana University, Bloomington): Cohomological approaches to local rigidity abstract (LP)

   3pm: Anna Kirpichnikova (Edinburgh): Inverse boundary spectral problem for Riemannian polyhedra (YS)

   4.30: Man Wah Wong (York University, Toronto): Liouville's Theorems for the Heisenberg Group abstract (YS)

·                     17-20 March, *SPRING MEETING*,  Imperial College, Math, room TBA



·                    NON-COMMUTATIVE DAY,
           Wednesday, 5 March,
 Imperial College, Math, Huxley Building







Old seminar programmes



D. Crisan (IC) 020-7594-8489

E.B. Davies(KCL) 020-7873-2698

I. Goldsheid (QMW) 020-7975-5473

Ya. Kurylev (UCL) 020-7679-7895

A.Laptev (IC) 020-7594-8499

L. Parnovski (UCL) 020-7679-2847

A. Pushnitski  (KCL) 020-7848-1167

M. Ruzhansky (IC) 020-7594-8500

Yu. Safarov (KCL) 020-7848-2215

E. Shargorodsky(KCL) 020-7848-2017

A. Sobolev (UCL) 020-7679-2863

B. Zegarlinski (IC) 020-7594-8492

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J. Inglis (IC)


·         The London Mathematical Society


·         Imperial Stochastic Analysis Seminar

·         Relevant seminars at Imperial, King's, Queen Mary


Maps and Instructions

London Underground map.
Getting to Imperial College. (do not go in the tunnel if you travel to South Kensington tube station.)

The simplest way to get here:

Travel to the tube station Gloucester Road  (District, Circle, and Piccadilly Lines).

When you exit the station, turn left along Gloucester Road, crossing Cromwell Road 50 meters from the exit.

After 4-5 minutes walk along Gloucester Road, turn right to Queen's Gate Terrace.

This is a short road leading directly to the entrance of the Huxley Building, at 180 Queen's Gate. We are on floor 6.
Getting to King's College.
Getting to QMW. From Stepney Green tube go left along Mile End Road for about 200 metres.

From Mile End tube go west along Mile End Road for about 300 metres.
Getting to UCL.  The nearest tube station is `Euston square', but `Warren Street' and `Euston' are also quite close to the college.