Spring term 2008 programme


Friday, 11 January

1:00pm : Cedric Villani (Lyon) : Minicourse on the Boltzmann equation (BZ)

Friday, 1 February

1:00pm : Nicholas Bingham (Imperial)

Friday, 8 February

1:00pm : Jens Wirth (Imperial) : Dispersive estimates for wave equations with time-periodic dissipation (abstract)

Friday, 15 February

1:00pm : Jiangang Ying (Fudan University) : On theory of Dirichlet forms

Friday, 22 February

1:00pm : Thomas Østergaard Sørensen (Aalborg, Denmark) : Mathematical problems in quantum mechanics

Friday, 29 February

1:00pm : Th. Hoffmann - Ostenhof (Vienna) : TBA

Wednesday , 5 March

Non - Commutative Day (programme)

Friday, 7 March

1:00pm : Ivan Gentil (Université Paris-Dauphine) : Functional inequalities and weighted porous media equations

Friday, 14 March

1:00pm : Vasilis Kontis (Imperial) : Isoperimetric functional inequalities under hypercontractivity

Friday, 2 May

1:00pm : R. Olkiewicz (Wrocław) : Quantum dynamical semigroups for finite and infinite Bose systems (abstract) (BZ)

Friday, 9 May

1:00pm : V. Kolokoltsov

Wednesday, 14 May (note the day change)

1:00pm : D. Bakry (Toulouse): Li-Yau estimates for the hypoelliptic evolution (BZ)

(Friday, 16 May - Paris seminar)

Friday, 23 May (note room change)

1:00pm in room 311: James Inglis : The Log Sobolev inequality in the Heisenberg Group

Friday, 30 May

1:00pm : Steve Buckley (NUI Maynooth): Nonpositive and negative curvature (abstract) (BZ)

2.30pm : Dinh Nho Hao (Hanoi Institute of Mathematics): A mollification method for ill-posed problems (MR)

Friday, 6 June

1:00pm : A. Es-Sarhir (Leiden): Transition semigroups for semilinear diffusions on Hilbert spaces. (BZ)

Friday, 13 June

1:00pm : Laura Cattaneo (Bonn): A rigorous approach to Caldeira-Leggett model based on Fresnel integrals. (BZ)

2.00pm : Misha Neklyudov (UNSW): Beale-Kato-Majda type condition for Burgers equation (joint work with Ben Goldys) (BZ)

Wednesday, 18 June

1:00pm : J.Inglis : Review of F.Y. Wang's lecture notes on "Defective Poincaré Inequalities and Applications to Spectral Theory"

Wednesday, 25 June in room 408 (note day and room change)

1:00pm : I.Papageorgiou, V.Kontis : Review of F.Y. Wang's lecture notes on "Defective Poincaré Inequalities and Applications to Spectral Theory"

Wednesday, 2 July (note time and day change)

4.30pm : Kay Jachmann (TU Freiberg, Germany) : Diagonalisation schemes and thermo-elasticity (abstract) (JW)

Friday, 25 June

1:00pm : Wladyslaw A. Majewski (Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Gdansk University) : Measures of Entanglement - a Hilbert space approach (BZ)

Abstract: We present the description of positive partially transposed (PPT) states. Our approach is based on Tomita-Takesaki theory. The discussion about effectiveness of this approach is given. The notion degrees of entanglement are introduced.